doritMrs. Dorit Inbar
General Director
The New Foundation for Cinema and Television (NFCT), Israel

Adv. Dorit Inbar is the General Manager of the Israeli New Foundation for Cinema and Television – and is the Vice-Chairperson of the Israel Broadcasting Authority. NFCT is the major driving force in documentary filmmaking in Israel. Since its establishment in 1994, NFCT has supported the production of over 200 documentaries and has greatly contributed to the success of Israeli documentaries overseas.
Website: www.nfct.org.il

ahmetMr. Ahmet Boyacioglu
The Ankara Cinema Association, Turkey

Mr. Ahmet Boyacioglu is the Chairman of Ankara Cinema Association, founder and General Secretary of the "Festival on Wheels" (since 1995). Mr. Boyacioglu is also a former  representative of Turkey in Eurimage.
Website: www.europeanfilmfestival.com

copy of john appelMr. John Appel
VOF Appel&Honigmann, the Netherlands

Acclaimed filmmaker John Appel from VOF Appel&Honigmann, a production company in the Netherlands, has directed and produced many films over the years and was also a tutor at the Binger International Documentary Workshops and at Master-classes at IDFA.

antonioMr. Antonio Saura

Mr. Antonio Saura is a producer and the Director General of Zebra Productions, a leading production company in Spain that has produced many important feature and documentary films since its establishment in 2000.Mr. Saura has had a lasting contribution in film training, having been one of the creators of the Media Business School. He was also the creator and director of the selection committee of MEDEA.
Website: www.zebraproducciones.com



Photo_Vincent Mr. Vincent Melilli
 Esav School of Visual Arts, Morocco

 Vincent Melilli is the initiator & Director of ESAV- School of Visual Arts, Marrakech.
 The Marrakech School of Visual Arts, is engaged in training students for careers in film, television and visual communications (graphic arts and multimedia design.)
Founded and financed by The Foundation Susanna Biedermann in partnership with the University Cadi Ayyad of Marrakech, ESAV is a non-profit organization dedicated to public service. It is the fruit of the collaboration of Susanna Biedermann, Max Alioth and Vincent Melilli, visionaries in creating and managing cultural centers in Marrakech.
Website: www.esavmarrakech.com



 Mr. Etienne Fiatte
 Canal France International - CFI

 CFI acted in the past 20 years as the French operator in media cooperation in Africa, the  Mediterranean region, the Balkans, Caucasia and Asia. As a France Televisions Subsidiary,CFI is funded by the French Ministry of foreign and European affairs to lead a network of partners in the media sector.