small_ of picture_sigal_newSigal Yehuda, Managing Director
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Sigal Yehuda has been involved with Greenhouse since its inception and is largely responsible for the evolution of the program into a prestigious and internationally recognized development initiative for fostering the talents of the most promising filmmakers in the region.

Sigal Yehuda has served as the Managing Director of Greenhouse since 2007. Together with the Greenhouse team, she has led Greenhouse to international recognition as a leading program for documentary filmmakers. In 2010, together with the Greenhouse four international partners, Yehuda initiated a development program for European and Mediterranean filmmakers to encourage the exploration of racism and human rights themes. At the same time, she led the planning process for the current program targeting cinema school graduates and emerging filmmakers in the Middle East and North Africa.
In addition to coordinating responsibilities between many multinational organizations, Yehuda also develops creative collaboration opportunities between different entities in Europe, North America and the Southern Mediterranean region, which is the avenue through which the filmmakers are able to achieve an international audience and financing for their projects.

Prior to her current position, Yehuda established a production and post-production company in Greece, where she produced and co-directed several films. In 2010, she co-produced the feature length documentary, The Black Bus (Berlinale 2009), by Israeli filmmaker Anat Zuria about women's oppression in Orthodox Jewish society, and the documentary film, The Hangman (IDFA 2010), by Natalie Braun and Avigail Sperber, about the man who hanged Adolph Eichmann.

yairYair Lev, Head of Studies
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Yair Lev was born in 1959 in Tel Aviv where he lives up until today. So far he made four feature-documentaries; 'Hugo 2" (2008); “Uri Avnery: Warrior for Peace” (2002) which won the In the Spirit of Freedom award for best documentary at the 2002 Jerusalem Film Festival and soon afterwards was released in theatres all over Germany; “Yakantalisa – a Portrait of a Dead Poet” (1996); “Hugo” (1989) was shown at the Berlin, Chicago and Montreal Film Festivals and in many others. In 1996 he received the Ministry of Culture's Art of Cinema award. He also directed several of short films and educational films. Yair Lev teaches filmmaking and theory of cinema at the Sam Spiegel Film and Television School and Bezalel-Art Academy both in Jerusalem. In 2008, Lev joined the Greenhouse team as head of studies.