the invisible menThe Invisible Men by Yariv Mozer will be screened at the 25th IDFA International  Film Festival

in Amsterdam as part of the 2012 Special Screenings.

The Invisible Men tells the story of persecuted gay Palestinians who have run away from their families and are now hiding illegally in Tel Aviv, their only chance for survival is to seek asylum outside Israel and Palestine and leave their homelands forever behind.

The film won the Doc Aviv 2012 Special Jury Award and was the Official Selection of more than 25 film festivals all around the world.

Yariv Mozer participated at Greenhouse's 5th year On the Theme of Racism & Human Rights supported by the EU in the framework of Media International.

The film is supported by Margje De Koning from IKON TV, the Netherlands, The New Israeli Foundation for Cinema & Television, Israel, The Netherlands Film Fund, Yes Docu Israel, the Mozer Films and Lev Pictures Co-production.