oscarMartin Scorsese on Five Broken Cameras

The documentary film, co-directed by Emad Burnat and Guy Davidi, emerged directly from the Greenhouse program and is a true reflection of what the program is all about - promoting cinematic excellence, fostering multicultural dialogue and cooperation, and empowering filmmakers from the Middle East and North Africa to bring their powerful stories and social messages to audiences around the world.

The highly acclaimed film, depicting five years of struggle against the Separation Barrier in Bi'ilin, a West Bank village surrounded by Israeli settlements, was co-directed by Palestinian filmmaker Emad Burnat and Israeli filmmaker Guy Davidi. Through the Greenhouse program, the co-directors were brought together to develop the film under the ongoing mentorship and guidance of the Greenhouse team.

'5 Broken Cameras took me by surprise. What had initially seemed like a harrowing but straightforward document became increasingly layered with ground-level human detail, and ended as a very moving experience: you're no longer looking at two sides of a conflict, but at life, ongoing even under conditions of the greatest hardship and oppression. And for me, the fact that it was made by a Palestinian and an Israeli filmmaker, working together, is inspiring.'
Martin Scorsese

News of the Oscar nomination has brought great pride to Greenhouse and its growing community of filmmaker alumni and international film professionals. Throughout February, Emad and Guy conducted a high-profile screening and speaking tour in LA and New York, achieving extensive media coverage for the film and its messages and reaching a broad-based audience across the world.
Greenhouse would like to congratulate Emad and Guy and Co-Producers Serge Gordey and Christine Camdessus from Alegria Production for this outstanding achievement!