papa alaevAcclaimed Expert/Producer Bruni Burres joins the The Wonderful Kingdom of Papa Alaev

The Directors Tal Barda and Noam Pinchas from Israelbrought on board Bruni Burres as the Co-Producer of the documentary The Wonderful Kingdom of Papa Alaev.   

The Wonderful Kingdom of Papa Alaev is a story about a Tajik musical family, based in Israel, that is led by a charismatic, funny, and controlling grandfather, whose son blindly obeys him, and whose daughter left yet desperately wants to return.
At 80, Papa is losing his grip on the family and unwillingly starting to step down from his thrown, while the family tries to survive this rigid and unsure transition from Monarchy to Democracy.

Tal and Noam participated in the 2012 Greenhouse program for emerging documentary filmmakers from the Southern Mediterranean region supported by the EU in the framework of Euromed Audiovisual III.

During the Greenhouse Final Seminar & Pitching Forum which took place in Marrakesh, Morocco in January 2013, Tal and Noam were the recipients of a $10,000 prize awarded by Ryan Harrington, Director of Documentary Programming at the Tribeca Film Institute.  

Bruni Burres is a New York - based film producer and consultant whose work focuses primarily on documentary projects exploring contemporary human rights themes. Bruni has worked with the Greenhouse initiative since 2008 and serves as one of the Greenhouse mentors and experts. She is a senior consultant with the Sundance Documentary Program and was the co-founder and director of the Human Rights Watch International Film Festival

from 1991-2008.

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