In the name of the brother

'In the Name of the Brother' by Youssef Ait Mansour from Morocco is completed and will have its World Premiere at the Middle East Now Film Festival, Florence, Italy in April 2013.

Farewell Herr Schwarz

'Farewell, Herr Schwarz' by Yael Reuveny from Israel is completed and will start its 2013 festival circuit.

5 broken cameras

‘5 Broken Cameras took me by surprise. What had initially seemed like a harrowing but straightforward document became increasingly layered with ground-level human detail, and ended as a very moving experience: you’re no longer looking at two sides of a conflict, but at life, ongoing even under conditions of the greatest hardship and oppression. And for me, the fact that it was made by a Palestinian and an Israeli filmmaker, working together, is inspiring.’ Martin Scorsese

The Invisible Men

The Invisible Men's won Doc Aviv 2012 Special Jury Award.

Not Quite the Taliban

'Not Quite the Taliban' by Fadi Hindash (Jordan) 13th Annual Arab Film Festival || This Human Rights World Film Festival 2009 || Movies that Matter Festival 2010

Justice for Sale

'Justice for Sale' Premiered at IDFA 2011, next screenings are at 'One World International Human Rights' Film Festival March 2012, Al-Jazeera Documentary Film festival April 2012

My name is ahlam

'My Name is Ahlam',an incredible story of a Palestinian women and her daughter Ahlam(5) battling leukemia, her husband, her occupiers and anyone who is in the way of her daughter’s path to health.

Ich Liebe Dich

'Ich Liebe Dich' by Emine Emel Balci & Gökçe Işıl Tuna from Turkey is completed and will start its 2012 festival circuit.

voice of my father

'Voice of My Father's World premier at the International Film Festival of Rotterdam, February 2012

the_invisible_menThe Invisible Men
Yariv Mozer / Israel, 2012

The Invisible Men tells the untold story of persecuted gay Palestinians who have run away from their families and are now hiding illegally in Tel Aviv. Their stories are told through the film's heroes: Louie, 32 years old, a gay Palestinian who has been hiding in Tel Aviv for the past 8 years; Abdu, 24 years old, who was exposed as gay in Ramallah and then accused of espionage and tortured by Palestinian security forces; Faris, 23 years old, who escaped to Tel Aviv from the West Bank after his family tried to kill him. Their only chance for survival is to seek asylum outside Israel and Palestine and leave their homelands forever behind.

The film is a co-production of Mozer Films LTD. & LEV Pictures

Festivals and Awards:

  • Outstanding Documentary Feature Award at the Frameline 36 San Francisco International LGBT Film Festival.
  • Special Jury Award at the Doc Aviv Festival, 2012.
  • Best Documentary Feature Award and Best Film Director at the Washington DC Reel Independent Film Extravaganza, 2012.
  • Programmers Award for Feature Documentary at the Sebastopol Documentary Film Festival, 2013.
  • Special Screening for senior US State Department officials, members of Congress, and senators in Washington DC. 
  • Movies that Matter, Amnesty International Film Festival, The Hague, 2012.
  • Boston LGBT Film Festival, 2012.
  • TLVFest, Tel Aviv's International LGBT Film Festival, 2012.
  • New York Other Israel Film Festival, 2012.
  • Vienna Human Rights Film Festival, 2012.
  • Vancouver Queer Film Festival, 2012.
  • The Rome Gender Docu Film Fest, 2012.
  • Oslo Gay & Lesbian Film Festival, 2012.
  • Kashish – Mumbai International Queer Film Festival, 2013.
  • Berlin Israeli Film Festival, 2012.
  • Saint Petersburg Side by Side LGBT International Film Festival, 2012.
  • East Bay Jewish Film Festival, 2012.
  • Ottawa Free Thinking Film Festival, 2012.
  • The Helsinki Refugee Film Festival.
  • Miami Gay & Lesbian Film Festival, 2013.
  • Florence Middle East Now Film Festival, 2013.
  • Toronto Jewish Film Festival, 2013.

Grants & Support:

  • Ikon TV – the Netherlands
  • The New Israeli Foundation for Cinema & Television
  • Yes Duco - Israel
  • Netherlands Film Fund – the Netherlands