Who we are

Since 2005 Greenhouse has increased the number of quality documentary films produced in Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Israel, Lebanon, Morocco, Palestine, Syria, and Tunisia and created strong personal relationships among documentary filmmakers from those countries. Greenhouse is a true EU-Mediterranean joint venture, the most prominent venture of its kind in the documentary film world.
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How can you help?

The rules governing the €750,000 grant Greenhouse just received from the European Union require us to match the grant with €175,000 (approximately $240,000) of our own funds. We do not have those resources in hand yet but with the help of generous sponsors like your organization or yourself we soon will.

To convince you that Greenhouse is worthy of your financial support, we suggest you:
• become more familiar with the remarkable Greenhouse story by checking out our website 
• request our DVD containing trailers of Greenhouse films
contact us us to discuss Greenhouse activities in detail and give us the opportunity to persuade you to    become one of our sponsors

All of us strive to make the world we live in a better place. History teaches us that accomplishing that simple but Olympian task requires taking an endless number of small but significant steps. Working with cinema school graduates and young emerging filmmakers— young people with the potential for becoming our region's future cultural leaders— at the early stages of their development is one such step. Please join Greenhouse in helping to build a peaceful future for our troubled corner of the world.