HaythamvpitchThird seminar & pitching forum for Greenhouse took place at ESAV, the School of Visual Arts in Marrakech from November 29th – December 5th.

The five intensive seminar days accumulated into a pitching forum event. In attendance were key leaders in the international documentary market.

Among them were:

• Alex Szalat: ARTE France / France
• Cara Mertes: Sundance Institute/ USA
• Dominique Young: Al Jazeera English/ UK
• Jane Ray: BBC Worldwide/ UK
• Ryan Harrington: Tribeca Film Institute/ USA
• Gabrielle Rothenhamyer: MFG-Filmförderung/ Germany
• Gitte Hansen: First Hand Films / Switzerland


In preparation for the pitching forum, a pitching workshop was held by Lucinda Broadbent, an international award winning producer.  During this session, the filmmakers learned different techniques in pitching a project. The participants simulated their pitch in front of Lucinda and special expert Paul Pauwels, who was also the moderator of the pitching forum.

girlsDuring the first days of the seminar, the 20 participants worked on fine tuning their trailers with professional editors: Srdjan Fink (the Netherlands), Paul de Heer (the Netherlands) Catherine Rascon (France) and  Cathie Dambel (France) -  joined by their mentors & special experts Hans Robert EisenhauerJohn AppelBruni BurresNenad Puhovski and  Steven Seidenberg.

On the final day of the seminar, each of the filmmakers had one-on-one meetings with each of the panel members to further discuss their projects and possible interest from the panel members.