The Lost Image
Mohamed Abu Sedo, Ziad Abu Khousa / Palestine

It is a documentary film that tells the stories of the Palestinian popular singers in Gaza strip who dream that their concerts become a part of the Palestinian life that the extremist movement Hamas fights. The film enters in the heart of the ongoing conflict between Hamas and the singers and tells the details and events they live.

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Death Tunnel
Mohamed Harb / Palestine


The film tells the story of a family living in Gaza and how the siege & closure of the crossings, force them to work on the tunnel. The mother refuses to work in the tunnel, and after months of work the tunnel had been bombed, and the workers died inside. However, people still want to work in the tunnel, although the risk. The film tells the story of the lives of Palestinians in Gaza through the tunnels and the ongoing siege on them.


Salt of the Earth
Shalom Goodman / Israel


Salt of the Earth follows a family of five men that live and work together on the Dead sea as they realize their key role in the destruction of a unique and fascinating environment and as they take steps to expose the magnitude of the environmental disaster to the public.

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Jaffa's Kids
Rafael Balulu / Israel


Jaffa's Kids will portrait Jaffa's youth story in our days trough four young football players. Teen age dilemmas, new reveling, sexual adolescence, loyalty and betrayal and above all the creation of identity in "other Israel." The film will start in summer vacation into a one football season which will revel their complicated life

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Haytham Mohamed / Egypt


The film follows a group of dancers as they work on a show called "Life as a Party," in which a group of friends gradually reveal hidden sides of their personalities. Issues of democracy and freedom in post-revolutionary Egypt are explored as the artistic and personal lives of the film's courageous characters unfold. 

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Stitching Sudan
Mia Bittar / Lebanon


Stitching Sudan is a story of four Northern Sudanese characters from Khartoum, who set out on an eye-opening road trip to discover their newly separated country but also themselves, in an encounter with a reality they never knew


From Stone to Hard Rock
Sofia Djama / Algeria

 The story of a small activist Berber village called Tkout, located in the Aures, in the south east of Algeria, on the edge of the desert. The region is known for its rebellious spirit and history of militant resistance, from the Romans through the Arabs to French colonization. It was here that the first detonation of the war of independence resounded in November 1954.


Borders on the Absurd
Oshri Hayun, Hila Cohen / Israel

The story of the controversy village, "Rajar", whose residents are forced to deal day after day with the threat of being divided between Israel and Lebanon.

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George Tarabay, Elias Khalil / Lebanon


On the Lebanese-Syrian border in Northern Lebanon, live hundreds of stateless families that have been left without any identity for 400 years. Khoder is a father of a stateless family living on the border, where the only way to survive is smuggling chickens.

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In The Name Of The Brother
Youssef Ait Mansour / Morocco


One year after his disappearance, I found my brother again in a Coranic school in the Atlas mountains.
I went there to meet him and try to understand.

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The Cleaner
Sarah Lamrini / Morocco

In the women's market, Naïma waits every day for a client to show up. She offers herself as a housemaid or a prostitute, depending on the opportunities. For more than 20 years, Naïma has spent her life between the dirty sidewalks of the market and the clients' houses, and her life as a mother and a wife in a slum of the suburbs. In either role she occupies, Naïma is enslaved, to clients as to her family.


Ocean of Tears
Marouane Bahar / Morocco


Aicha is a diver who lives and feeds her kids from the bottom of the ocean gathering seaweed for high quality cosmetics. Hadda is obligated to dive the more profound she can during the gathering season with the hope of submerging from her misery. The sea is her shelter, she finds hope, beauty and her raped youth under water.

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