First Seminar – August 2012 Aqaba Jordan


On the first day of the seminar, 19 filmmakers coming from Algeria, Egypt, Israel, Morocco & Tunisia watched "Runaway" by Kim Longinoto and "Fertile Memory" by Michel Khleifi accompanied with a presentation by Yair Lev (Greenhouse Head of Studies) on the cinema of this two auteur. Later that day Yair Lev the filmmakers assisted to a lecture, once again by Yair Lev. In his lecture, Lev related to each project in particular by presenting relevant clips of important documentary films and discussing the attitudes and solutions found in those films to similar to the projects' demands and tasks.


The next day the participants sat together with the Greenhouse team (Sigal Yehuda, Managing Director and Yair Lev) and their mentors for an opening introduction session including a power-point presentation on Greenhouse's goals, structure and achievements during its six years of existence. Following this the participants and their mentors John Appel, Bruni Burres, Nenad Puhovski &Steven Seidenberg began a five day intensive work. Together they have reconstructed the synopses, director statements, visual approach and main axes of their films.  Later that day Nenad Puhovski gave a lecture – in which he screened short films (docs and fiction) -  on the history and human necessity and thus attraction to storytelling in general and more particularly in films.


The next day, Intertwined with the continuation of group sessions and one-on-one meetings with the mentors, Hans Robert Eisenhauer, until recently head of "Thema" at ARTE/ZDF and a special expert to the Greenhouse program, gave a lecture in which he focused on synopses and trailers as part of the written proposal, presenting as examples some written proposals and screening trailers.


The following day, again, intertwined with the continuation of group sessions and one-on-one meetings with the mentors in preparation to the coming up presentation, Eisenhauer gave another lecture, the topic was: From A commissioning editor's P.O.V (i.e. what do commissioning editors look for and how to cooperate with them) all of which from his personal experience, using examples from films he was worked on. This day included also a two-part lecture by Cecile Cros, co-founder of Narrative – a company dedicated to new-media documentaries. In her lecture, Cros introduced the participants to the idea, concept, applications and possibilities of the new-media documentaries, using excerpts from her company's project "Une Ete en Algier" - personal documentary diaries by young Algerian filmmakers.   


On the final day of the seminar, the filmmakers presented their projects in a pitching simulation. During this session, the filmmakers received feedback from the GH team, mentors, experts and their colleagues. 
At the final note at the end of the seminar each filmmaker received an individual assignment in which he/she will have to complete in the next month and a half before the second seminar, the filmmakers will work on their assignments, while getting constant feedback from their mentors and Greenhouse team.