Euromed Audiovisual II Program

The Greenhouse program in the framework of Euromed Audiovisual II (2006-2009) was dedicated to the development of documentaries by filmmakers from the MEDA countries – Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Israel, Lebanon, Morocco, Palestine, Syria Tunisia & Turkey.

In four years of activity, Greenhouse received close to 300 submissions, from which a total of 44 projects and 88 filmmakers from 9 MEDA countries were selected to participate in 4 yearly Greenhouse programs. Up to date 14 films were successfully completed, many have won awards at prestigious international film festivals such as the Sundance, Berlinale, IDFA, Dubai and FIPA to name a few


Greenhouse Fourth Year

14 projects were selected to the Greenhouse fourth round, 24 filmmakers from 5 MEDA countries: Egypt, Palestine, Tunisia, Israel and Turkey will participate in three seminars throughout 2009

emads father_smallFourth year participating projects  


Greenhouse Second Year

Greenhouse's second round had 21 filmmakers representing 11 projects from 5 MEDA countries: Jordan, Israel, Lebanon, Palestine and Turkey participated in the programme.

a_film_unfinishedSecond year participating projects

Greenhouse Third Year

In the Greenhouse's third 13 project were selected from 6 MEDA countries: Palestine, Turkey, Morocco, Tunisia, Israel & Egypt.

woman with a camera2 for websiteThird year participating projects


Greenhouse First Year

The Greenhouse First Round included 13 filmmakers representing 6 MEDA countries: Algeria, Tunisia, Palestine, Turkey, Jordan and Israel.

not quite the talibanFirst year participating projects