The Greenhouse 2010 program was dedicated to the development of documentaries on the theme of racism & human rights by European and MEDA filmmakers.

16 projects were selected from Croatia, France, Kosovo, Germany, the Netherlands, Morocco, Jordan, Israel, Palestine, Romania, Ukraine, Turkey, Serbia, Russia, Iran

The 16 selected filmmakers participated in 3 seminars during 2010 and completed a comprehensive production file & a trailer. The filmmakers presented their projects to the documentary international market in a pitching forum event in October 2010. Eight international panel members were invited, top leaders from the documentary film industry: Claire Aguilar, ITVS (USA), Mette Hoffmann-Meyer DR2, (Denmark), Marje De konning IKON (The Netherlands), Iikka Vehkalahti YLE (Finland); Nick Fraser BBC (UK), Martina Zoellner SWR (Germany), Adella Ladjevardi Cinereach Fund (USA) & Catherine Le Clef Doc&Co (France).

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