Philippa Kowarsky graduated with an M.A. in Communication Policy Studies, at City University of London. From 1993 she has been working in the Film & TV industry in various fields such as production, development and sales.
In 1997 Philippa established Cinephil, a sales and co-productions company. Today, Cinephil is a home to independent Israeli, Palestinian and international productions, a contact for co-productions, introducing partners from all fields in the industry and following through projects to their completion.
Documentary films co-produced by Cinephil include:
Flipping Out by Yoav Shamir, Watermarks by Yaron Zilberman, Years of Blood by Dan Setton, Trembling Before G-d by Sandi Dubowski.
Films distributed by Cinephil: Ice People by Anne Aghion, Miss Gulag by Maria Yatzkova, Souvenirs by Shahar Cohen and Halil Efrat, 9 Star Hotel by Ido Har, Cocalero by Alejandro Landes, No. 17 by David Ofek, Ford Transit by Hany Abu-Assad and more. 
Cinephil exclusively represents documentaries by Amos Gitai.

Cinephil also makes feature films – co-producing and distributing them. Films co-produced by Cinephil: Sweet Mud by Dror Shaul, Someone to Run with based on the novel by David Grossman, by Oded Davidoff.