on 24 March 2010.

emads father_smallGreenhouse' Fourth Year Project "5 Broken Cameras" by Emad Bormat (Palestine) Guy Davidi (Israel) received a production grant from prestigious Jan Vrijman Fund (IDFA). The filmmakers of "5 Broken Cameras" presented their project last December at the final Greenhouse pitching forum and.  The project voted as the best project and was awarded a 15,000$ development grant by Claire Aguilar, Vice President of Programming of ITVS (USA) awarded.

"5 Broken Cameras" tells the story of Emad Bornat, a Palestinian cameraman, who decides to film the struggle against the wall in his village. Throughout the years he documents the strikes on his personal life due to the punishment actions of the Israeli army side to side to documenting his younger son growing. Daily arrests, night invasions scare his wife and kids, 3 of his brothers and are arrested and sent to prison, his second friend is shot dead, finally he is arrested too and even has a deadly car accident that he barley survives due to the construction of the wall. One Camera after another, each has its story. His story is a story of resistance.


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