not quite the talibanNot Quite the Taliban
Fadi Hindash/Jordan, 2009


Not Quite the Taliban is the story of a young man's frustration with the hypocrisy of his "modern Arab" generation who appear Western but are more conservative than the traditionalists- young Arabs who are lost between religious values and Western values of sexual liberation.

Not Quite the Taliban, that participated in the Greenhouse First Round, was completed in 2009 and has since then been screened in numerous prestigious film festivals:

  • 13th Annual Arab Film Festival in the Best Non-Fiction Film competition (October 2009)
  • This Human Rights World Film Festival 2009 in Vienna
  • Movies that Matter Festival 2010 in the Hague.


  • Belgian broadcaster "Lichtpunt" - 10,000 Euro presale agreement with the
  • Autlook Films, he Austrian sales agent, distribution agreement
  • Commissioned by DR Denmark
  • Commissioned by Channel 8 Israel


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