ahlam_aisha__smallMy Name is Ahlam
Rima Essa, Claudia Levin / Palestine & Israel, 2010

While fighting for her five-year-old daughter's right to receive adequate treatment for her leukemia, Aisha - a Palestinian woman living in the West Bank, undergoes a process of empowerment. Suddenly, this battered woman is no longer afraid to stand up to her husband, to her occupiers, to the authorities and to anyone who is in the way of her daughter's path to health. Director Rima Essa brings to the screen a unique testimonial that avoids self-pity and victimization, focusing instead on Aisha's process of empowerment.

Festivals and Awards:

  • Best Cinematography Award at the DocAviv Film Festival in Israel, 2010.
  • Special Mention at the International Women's Film Festival in Rehovot  Israel, 2010.
  • Second Prize of the Jury at the International Full-Length Film Competition, Documenta Madrid Film Festival, 2011.
  • Doha Tribeca Film Festival, 2010.
  • Bristol Palestine Film Festival, 2011.



  • Noga Communications-Channel 8 , Israel
  • The New Israeli Film Foundation for Cinema and TV
  • Co-production: Dutch broadcaster "DE HUMANISTISCHE OMROEP"


Director: Rima Essa
Producer: Claudia Levin
Production Company: Claudius Films
Cinematographer: Yair Sagi
Editor: Era Lapid
Researcher: Rima Essa, Lubna Masarwa
Sound Designer: Aviv Aldama