bruniphotoBruni Burres

Bruni Burres is a New York based film producer and consultant whose work focuses primarily on documentary projects exploring contemporary human rights themes.
She is a senior consultant with the Sundance Documentary Program (SDP). At the SDP she works to expand the roster of national and international documentary filmmakers working with the program,

deepen national and international collaborations with filmmakers and cultural institutions, and broaden the human rights themes currently explored by the SDP. Bruni is also a consultant with the Open Society Institute's US National Security and Human Rights Campaign, guiding them on incorporating arts and culture projects further in their ongoing work. Recently Bruni completed the feature length documentary, The Siege, which explores the lasting cultural and political impact of the 1985 siege of Palace of Justice in Colombia with the International Center for Transitional Justice (www.ictj.org). Bruni was the co-founder and director of the Human Rights Watch International Film Festival (www.hrw.org/iff) from 1991-2008.