Greenhouse Second Year

Greenhouse's second round had 21 filmmakers representing 11 projects from 5 MEDA countries: Jordan, Israel, Lebanon, Palestine and Turkey participated in the programme.

a_film_unfinishedSecond year participating projects

First Seminar, Istanbul - February 18-22, 2007

copy of dscf6164The filmmakers worked along with their mentors - John Appel, Hans Robert Eisenhauer, Steven Seidenberg and Marc Isaacs on various topics, such as film structure, characters development, cinematic vision and director's statement. The seminar programme included lectures by Yair Lev – Greenhouse's Head of studies and an intriguing master class by the Emmy Award nominee Maziar Bahari, a filmmaker and journalist from Iran.

Second Seminar : June 10th-13th 2007

dscf6253   Greenhouse's second seminar dealt with two main aspects of the projects'                  development; the continuation of the written proposals and initial 
   work on the trailers which will be presented at the final seminar pitching event. Lectures on production, marketing strategies and the writing process were  given by    Sandi DuBowsky, "A Jihad for love" producer, Antonio Saura, Greenhouse's            partner and the producer of "The Chicken, the Fish & the King Crab" and "Fados" and Yair Lev, Greenhouse's head of studies.   
Parvez Sharma, the director of "A Jihad for Love" screened his film and gave a fascinating master class which discussed the topic of being a religious Muslim and a homosexual.

dsc01197"Meetings on the Bridge", a conference in the framework of the Istanbul International Film Festival hosted Greenhouse for two panels. Greenhouse's first round best project "On the way to school", was presented as a case study; the film is currently in advanced stages of production and is gaining a lot of interest from the international film industry. The filmmakers screened excerpts of the film and talked about the working process within Greenhouse which lead the project to a comprehensive and compelling story. On the second session the panel members discussed regional filmmaking and documentary cinema in Turkey.

Third Seminar – Istanbul, Turkey June 2008

The final seminar revolved around the issue of "How to pitch a project". The pitching workshop was moderated by one of our mentors Steven Seidenberg, who is an expert in the field of pitching.

Further preparations for the pitching event were held as the filmmakers simulated their presentation in front of David Fisher, the mentors and the Greenhouse team.


Pitching Forum – Istanbul, Turkey, June 2008



The Pitching forum was moderated by Steven Seidenberg, a prominent producer, creator & head of development & script editor in the field of documentary filmmaking.  The participants presented their projects in front of top industry guests:


  • Bruni Burres, Senior Consultant for the Sundance Documentary Program / USA
  • Ally Derks, Director of IDFA & the Jan Vrijman Fund / The Netherlands
  • Serge Gordey, Executive Producer, Bo Travail! / France
  • Bert Janssens, General Manager Humanistic Broadcasting Foundation / The Netherlands
  • Christoph Jorg, Commissioning Editor CE / Arte France
  • Philippa Kowarsky, Managing Director, Cinephil – Distribution and Co Productions / Israel
  • Guy Lavie, Head of "Yes Docu", Documentary Channel of Yes-DBS / Israel
  • Pieter Van Huystee, C.E.O PIETER VAN HUYSTEE FILM / The Netherlands


At the end of these presentations, the panel members selected "The Missing Reel" by Yael Hersonski and Itay Ken-Tor from Israel, as the best project. Guy Lavie, Head of "Yes Docu", Documentary Channel of Yes-DBS in Israel, agreed in advance to acquire the selected project for his channel, to the amount of $4,000. Since the project is already supported by Yes-Docu, the panel members decided to award the second best project "Waiting for Heaven" by Awatif Aljedaili and Muhammad Al Aljedaili from Palestine.


After the Pitching forum, personal meetings were held between each of the participants and the panel members. In this framework, they discussed further support options and future collaborations with TV Stations and film funds, producers and distributors.