Greenhouse Fourth Year

14 projects were selected to the Greenhouse fourth round, 24 filmmakers from 5 MEDA countries: Egypt, Palestine, Tunisia, Israel and Turkey will participate in three seminars throughout 2009

emads father_smallFourth year participating projects  


First Seminar – August 2009 Istanbul, Turkey

Greenhouse' first seminar focused on the filmmakers declaration of intentions and the projects synopses. With their mentors, these two elements were reexamined in depth and broadened while concentrating on dramatic narrative and the main characters. 

victor_screenProminent Russian director Victor Kossakovsky gave a master class in which he surprised the attendants by showing scenes from his latest film "Antipods" still being shot around the world and by discussing in depth his unique filmmaking ideology and strategies, his use of locations, photography technique and attitude towards characters.

The third day of the seminar was dedicated mostly to the projects presentation. The seminar ended with a conversation held by each mentor and his own groups of participants, issues were resolved regarding the projects presentations.

Second Seminar – October 2009 - Istanbul, Turkey

steven_rassanDuring the seminar, the participants continued to work on their proposals and their trailers – in order to get ready for the final pitching forum that will take place in December in Izmir, Turkey.

The prominent Finnish director and photographer Pirjo Honkasalo gave an inspiring master class. In the session, she focused on the her latest masterpiece "The 3 Rooms of Melancholia" and shared with the participants the elaborate process of making the film; the birth of an idea, research, the process of shooting and the stylization of her "fly on the wall" method of cinematography.

Finally she showed video materials documenting the latest mishaps in the real lives of the protagonists since the completion of the film (in what she referred to as "The 4th Room of Melancholia"). In relation to her film "Tanjuska and the Seven Devils" Honkasalo discussed ethical issues concerning the stance of the filmmaker facing extreme human experiences. In addition she shared with the audience a sneak gaze at her latest film "Ito, a Diary of an Urban Priest" (not yet released) which provoked a debate on the boundaries of fiction and documentary.

serge_guy_emadIn preparation for the final pitching forum in December, the filmmakers presented their projects in front of the mentors, Greenhouse partners – Dorit Inbar & Antonio Saura, the Greenhouse team and producer Serge Gordey.


Third Seminar – December 2009, Izmir, Turkey

During the first days of the seminar, the 24 filmmakers worked on fine tuning their trailers with professional and renowned editors: Srdjan Fink (the Netherlands), Maaik Krijgsman (the Netherlands) and Joelle Alexis (Israel) - together with their mentors and Greenhouse team.

A pitching workshop was held by, Lucinda Broadbent, an international award winning producer.  During thisdsc02919session, the filmmakers learned different techniques of how to pitch a project. Participants of each project simulated their pitch in front of Greenhouse' Advisory Board Member, Paul Pauwels, Greenhouse Mentors, Steven Seidenberg, Nenad Puhovski and John Appel; and also the Greenhouse Team: Sigal Yehuda & Yair Lev.

After receiving feedback from the pitching simulation, the participants went back to the editing room to finalize their trailers, and had one-on-one meetings with Lucinda Broadbent to further improve their pitch.

In the framework of the seminar, the participants had the opportunity to see the award winning Turkish film "On the Way to School" that participated in the Greenhouse first round.

Pitching Forum – December 12, 2009 Izmir, Turkey

10 prominent professionals from the international documentary industry attended the Greenhouse event, moderated by Paul Pauwels, Director of the European Television Management Academy.
Amongst the 10 panel members:
  • Claire Aguilar: Vice President of Programming (ITVS) / USA;
  • Marieanne Bergmann: Head Hamburg Film Fund Funding / Germany;
  • Bruni Burres: Executive Producer – Pivot Pictures/International Center for Transitional Justice / USA;
  • Gitte Hansen: First Hand Films / Switzerland; Tabitha Jackson: Editor, More4 – Channel 4 / United Kingdom;
  • Simon Kilmurry: Executive Director, American Documentary | P.O.V./ USA;
  • Margje de Koning: Responsible for the Television Department of IKON / The Netherlands;
  • Adriek van Nieuwenhuijzen: Head of Industry Office  (FORUM, Docs for Sale and IDFAcademy), The Netherlands;
  • Leena Pasanen: Executive Producer/Coordinator of Programmes at YLE Fact and Culture / Finland;
  • Alex Szalat: ARTE France / France



At the end of the presentation the 10 panel members selected "5 Broken Cameras" by filmmakers Emad Burnat (Palestine) and Guy Davidi (Israel) as the best Greenhouse IV project.  Claire Aguilar, Vice President of Programming for ITVS (USA), awarded the directors with a $15,000 development grant.


The day following the Pitching Forum, the filmmakers met in one-on-one meetings with the panel members, to further discuss possible cooperation and receive constructive feedback concerning their projects.