hans robert eisenhauerHans Robert Eisenhauer
Producer, former Head of THEMA at ZDF/ARTE

After his studies in Political Science in Heidelberg, he worked as an assistant and scientific collaborator of the Minister of Finance in Bonn.Until 1979 he also worked as an assistant to several Members of Parliament and as free lance journalist for print media and radio. At the end of 1979 change of „profession“ and place,first,dramatic adviser then producer of television programmes in Berlin.

As of 1983 scriptwriter and producer for television series and factual programmes for Studio Hamburg Atelier GmbH. 1985 Editor for press and public relations and producer at the Second German Television (ZDF) and the German-speaking cultural channel 3 Sat. As of November 1987 Head of the Berlin Film Fund at the Berlin Government, where he was also responsible for the foundation of the European Film Academy.

As of November 1991 Deputy Programme Director of ARTE and Head of the Theme Evenings. Coordinator of about 2000 Theme Evenings, including coproductions with several international broadcasters as TVE, TVP, ORF, SRG, YLE, RTBF, TELEPIU, SVT, WGBH, BBC, NPS.

As of January 2005 head of Thema in ZDF/ARTE.



Some examples of commissioned international coproductions theatrical length:

- Buena Vista Social Club, Wim Wenders
- Nach Saison, Pepe Danquart
- Super 8 Stories, Emir Kusturica
- All about EU, Nick Fraser and Ben Lewis
- Heimspiel, Pepe Danquart
- Moro no Brasil, Mika Kaurismäki
- The Euro Ralley, Ben Lewis and Nick Fraser
- Why We Fight, Eugene Jarecki
- Höllentour, Pepe Danquart
- The Miracle Norman, André Heller
- The Gates, Albert Maysles
- Audienz beim Kaiser, Ciro Cappellari
- Taxi to the dark side, Alex Gibney
- Behind the rainbow, Jihan El Tahri
- In the name of the victims, Ilan Ziv
- Traders dreams, Stefan Tolz and Markus Vetter
- The art of football, Hermann Vaske
- Jesus Politics, Ilan Ziv
- Traders Dream, Stefan Tolz und Markus Vetter
- Die Jungs von der Bagdad High, Laura Winter