alan haylingAlan Hayling /Director
Alan Hayling started Renegade Pictures 4 years ago with Creative Director Jon Rowlands and film-maker Alex Cooke.  Today it’s making feature documentaries and television series for the BBC, Channel 4 and Sky tv in the UK, for National Geographic, the Discovery Channel and HBO in the US, and for ARTE/ZDF in Germany and France. 

Prior to forming Renegade Pictures, Alan was Head of Documentaries at the BBC where he was responsible for the production of factual program and documentaries for all BBC channels.  He also spent 10 years as a commissioning editor for documentaries at Channel 4 Television – Britain’s “alternative” mainstream terrestrial broadcaster – where he was responsible for documentary series such as Secret History, Secret Lives, Undercover Britain ¬and commissioned and worked with distinguished documentary makers such as Michael Moore and Errol Morris, Molly Dineen and Nick Broomfield.