Greenhouse is an advanced contemporary development program for documentary films aimed at Mediterranean Cinema School Graduates & Emerging Filmmakers from Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Israel, Lebanon, Morocco, Palestine, Syria & Tunisia
Greenhouse is a yearly program hosting 10-12 projects each round.

Greenhouse offers its participants the opportunity to work intensively throughout a one-year programme in which they will develop a complete international production package and a professional trailer which will be presented in a pitching forum in front of international commissioning editors, film funds directors, producers and distributors from the documentary international market.

Every year up to 24 filmmakers will be selected and participate in three seminars, each five days long.  The filmmakers will be assigned a personal mentor and experts in the field of documentaries, with whom they will work together in improving the quality of their projects – from the content and economic and artistic aspects, to a complete production package, including a trailer which will be presented at the final seminar in the framework of a pitching forum.
Greenhouse aims to encourage the exploration of innovative non-fiction storytelling methods that can bring about a change, not only through the social message they deliver, but also by means of their cinematic language.
Greenhouse's credo is to provide the best scheme, individually tailored for each of the filmmakers.