Greenhouse's 3rd year project Pop Islam by Ismail ElMokadem from Egypt is completed and will be broadcast on Arte on April 4th 2011!

4Shbab is the first Islamist musical channel ever launched in the Arab world. 4Shbab's story takes place in Cairo, Egypt.  The two main characters are the channel’s boss Abu Haiba and veiled model Yasmine Osman as they try to achieve their dreams. Both reflect the melting pot of cultural contradictions that is the Middle East today: how to be modern, fond of music and Muslim?  They want the same things anyone else does in the 21st century, fame, glory, and success. But they want it the Islamic way, without compromising their values. Young Egyptian film maker Ismail Elmokadem offers us a unique way of discovering the inner dynamics of Islam in today’s troubled Arab societies.

The film was produced at Alegria Productions (France) by Serge Gordey and Christine Camdessus and ZDF by Hans Robert Eisenhauer, In association with Al Jazeera  English, with the collaboration of RTBF – Télévision Belge (Claire Colart) and the contribution of RTS Radio Télévision Suisse
Unité des Films Documentaires - Irène Challand / Gaspard Lamunière and with the contribution of NRK

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