car_small16 projects are selected to participate at Greenhouse's 2011 program!

Greennhouse is proud to announce that 16 projects and 21 filmmakers from Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Israel, Lebanon, Palestine, Morocco and Tunisia will take part at the Greenhouse's 2011 program for Southern Mediterranean cinema school graduates...

The 16 projects were selected out of 67 documentary proposals that have been submitted to Greenhouse's 2011 program. The 21 selected filmmakers will participate in 3 seminars during 2011; the first seminar will take place in Marrakech at the end of May 2011. Greenhouse continue working with its previous year's prominent international experts:John Appel, Bruni Burres, Nenad Puhovski Steven Seidenberg and & Hans Robert Eisenhaur, the  mentors & special expert will guide the filmmakers through the yearly program.

Greenhouse's tutorial scheme includes an intensive and comprehensive program, which will lead the filmmakers' projects from the stage of development through, to a complete production file and trailer which will be presented to the documentary international market in a pitching forum event in December 2011.