logo_CFI Greenhouse Announces A New Partner - CFI

 Greenhouse is proud to announce a new partnership with Canal France  International; CFI has joined the Greenhouse consortium to its 2011-  2013 program for cinema school  graduates & emerging filmmakers from  the Southern Mediterranean region, supported by the EU in the  framework of Euromed Audiovisual III.

The Greenhouse consortium is managed by the New Foundation for Cinema and TV – Israel, The Ankara Cinema association – Turkey, APPEL & HONIGMANN –the Netherlands, Zebra Productions – Spain and ESAV Marrakech - the Marrakech School of Visual Arts– Morocco.

CFI acted in the past 20 years as the French operator in media cooperation in Africa, the Mediterranean region, the Balkans, Caucasia and Asia. As a France Televisions Subsidiary, CFI is funded by the French Ministry of foreign and European affairs to lead a network of partners in the media sector.
Greenhouse and CFI commenced their fruitful professional collaboration in 2010; CFI joined the Greenhouse program on the theme of racism & human rights for filmmakers from Europe, the Balkans and the Mediterranean region. The program was supported by the EU in the framework of Media International.

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