17 filmmakers coming from the Algeria, Egypt, Israel, Palestine Lebanon & Morocco participated in the Greenhouse second seminar which took place in Aqaba, Jordan, September 8th – 13th.

Greenhouse's second seminar dealt with two main aspects of the projects' development: the continuation of the written proposals (synopsis, director's statement and treatment) and further examining and discussing trailers & visual materials the filmmakers brought to the seminar in preparation for the third & final seminar. 7

The filmmakers and their mentors: John Appel, Bruni Burres, Nenad Puhovski & Steven Seidenberg had an intensive 4 days work, they analyse the progress each filmmaker did in between the twoseminars and continued working and completing the synopses and director statements. They further developed the treatments and watched trailers and visual materials in preparation for the final seminar scheduled to November 29th – December 5th 2011.


 Intertwined with group sessions and one-on-one meetings with the mentors, the  filmmakers assisted to two lectures by Mr. Hans Robert Eisenhauer, until  recently  head of "Thema" at ARTE/ZDF and a special expert to the  Greenhouse  program. In his lectures, 'financing documentaries in the international market & 'the  comprehensive written proposals', Eisenhauer focused  on the international market  &the financing possibilities for documentaries, he explained in depth the requirements needed for the completed production files which will be presented by the participants before the final seminar.

sarahTwo lectures on Web Documentaries given by Sarah Trevillard, a production manager for Honkytonk Films, France. In this lectures Ms. Trevillard gave an introduction to this topic, case studied it and discussed production issues of Web Documentaries. Sarah Trevillard was invited to the seminar by Greenhouse's new partner – CFI, France.

In addition the filmmakers watched "3 Rooms of Melancholia" and "Darwin's Nightmare", two master pieces by two acclaimed Filmmakers Pirjo Honkasalo from Finland and Hubert Sauper from France, the film's screening prefaced orally by Yair Lev Greenhouse's head of studies.


 On the final day of the seminar, the filmmakers presented their projects in a pitching  simulation. During this session, the filmmakers received feedback from the GH team,  mentors and  expert.

 At the end of the seminar each filmmaker received an individual assignment  in which they will have to complete in the next month and a half before the final seminar, the filmmakers will work on their assignments, while getting constant feedback from their mentors and Greenhouse team.

Second seminar photo gallery