justice for sale_smallJustice for Sale
Ilse and Femke Van Velzen / The Netherlands, 2011

Justice for Sale follows the young, courageous Congolese human rights lawyer Claudine Tsongo who refuses to accept that justice is indeed “For Sale” in her country. When she investigates the case of a soldier convicted of rape, she becomes convinced his trial was unfair and uncovers a system where the basic principles of law are ignored—and when the system fails, everyone becomes a victim. The documentary not only provides a glimpse into the failings of the Congolese judicial system but also raises questions about the role of the international community and non-governmental organizations in reforming it. Does their financial support cause justice to be for sale? And who pays the price?

The Dutch filmmakers Ilse & Femke Van Velzen participated with Justice for Sale in the Greenhouse 2010 program on the theme of racism and human rights. 

Festivals and Awards: 

  • Won the Silverback Awards for Best Documentary at Rwanda Film Festival, 2013.
  • Won Best Documentary at the International Film Festival in Burundi, 2012.
  • International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam (IDFA), Dutch Premiere 2011.
  • Sarasota Film Festival, 2012.
  • Seattle International Film Festival, 2012.
  • Full Frame Documentary Film Festival, 2012.
  • St. John's International Women's Film Festival, 2012.
  • Urbanworld Film Festival, 2012.
  • Montreal Black Film Festival, 2012.

Grants & Support:

  • Ikon TV – the Netherlands
  • The Tribeca Gucci Fund - USA
  • The Sundance Institute- USA
  • Netherlands Film Fund – the Netherlands