Series Editor
YLE Teema Ateljee / Finland

In 2001 Outi Saarikoski launched YLE Teema Ateljee, a meeting place for creativity and the craft of filmmaking. She is the Editor of this prominent weekly, open end strand for inventive documentary films that deal with art. YLE is the national public service broadcasting company in Finland and Teema is a channel dedicated to culture, science and education. During her TV career of 21 years, she has worked e.g. as an assistant of professor Jarmo Jääskeläinen, creator of YLE TV2 Documentaries. It was launched in 1990 for thought-out, well-prepared and painstakingly executed films. As Commissioning Editor she has attended since 1995 Forums for international co-financing of documentaries all around the world. She has been a member of board of Tampere Film Festival since 2000.