In the past 5 years, Greenhouse has worked with leading experts in the field of documentary filmmaking, these experts are serving as personal mentors to the GH participants, and offer them guidance and consultation. The mentors are accompanying the participants through the development process of their projects throughout the yearly GH program.

copy of john appelJohn Appel

Internationally acclaimed filmmaker John Appel from VOF Appel&Honigmann, a production company in the Netherlands, has directed and produced more than 40 films over the years and was also a tutor at the Binger International Documentary Workshops, and at Masterclasses at IDFA. Furthermore he is Guest Lecturer at the Dutch Film Academy and Mentor of many young filmmakers.

bruniphotoBruni Burres

Bruni Burres is a New York based film producer and consultant whose work focuses primarily on documentary projects exploring contemporary human rights themes.
She is a senior consultant with the Sundance Documentary Program (SDP). At the SDP she works to expand the roster of national and international documentary filmmakers working with the program,


Nenad Puhovski was born in Zagreb where he graduated sociology, philosophy and film directing. He made his first film, amateur film, when he was 15.  As a professional director, he directed more that 250 productions in theater, film and television. His documentary films deal with social problems and fine arts. Many of them have been screened and awarded worldwide.

steven seidenbergSteven Seidenberg

In his 28 years in documentary television Steven Seidenberg has been a producer, creator, head of development & script editor. Steven has wide experience in all documentary genres. As a producer he has worked in history programming (e.g. The Trial Of George Washngton, Hitler's Death, and Napoleon's Obsession), the sciences (e.g. A Brief History Of Time, with Stephen Hawking, directed by Errol Morris, creative director Steven Spielberg), as well as examinations of ethical and moral issues (e.g. Hypotheticals, with Arthur Miller).

hans robert eisenhauerHans Robert Eisenhauer
Producer, former Head of THEMA at ZDF/ARTE

After his studies in Political Science in Heidelberg, he worked as an assistant and scientific collaborator of the Minister of Finance in Bonn.Until 1979 he also worked as an assistant to several Members of Parliament and as free lance journalist for print media and radio. At the end of 1979 change of „profession“ and place,first,dramatic adviser then producer of television programmes in Berlin.