2014-2015 Program

First Seminar
5-10 November
La Roseraie, Atlas Mountains,

14 filmmakers from Afghanistan, Iran, Israel, Palestine, Morocco and Turkey participated in the seminar. Over the course of five days the filmmakers worked with their mentors, Bruni BurresJohn AppelNenad Puhovski and Hans Robert Eisenhauer on the development of their written proposals, visual materials and trailers.

On the first day of the seminar the filmmakers watched two feature length documentaries by renowned French filmmaker, Nicolas Philibert, one of the most important documentary filmmakers today. The two films 'La Maison de la Radio' and 'In the Land of the Deaf' were followed by Philibert's master class. In the master class Philibert showed excerpts of his films and discussed his storytelling technics and his cinematic approach.

Yair Lev, Greenhouse's Head of Studies, gave a lecture about storytelling techniques in different genres of documentaries. He showed excerpts of important documentary films and discussed the various forms and solutions found in these films. The next day, Sigal Yehuda, Greenhouse's Director, opened with an introductory session to the whole group, during which she presented Greenhouse's objectives, structure and achievements over the past eight years of its activity. Following this session, the participants and their mentors began five days of intensive work. Together with their mentors, each participant reconstructed the project's synopsis, director statement, visual approach and main axis of the film.

In addition to one on one meetings held with each of the participants, Hans Robert Eisenhauer also gave two lectures – one on the written proposal and trailers and the other on the international documentary market.

On the seminar's final day, the filmmakers presented their projects in front of the Greenhouse team, mentors, Hans Robert Eisenhauer and Nicolas Philibert and received feedback on their projects' content and footage. In addition, the filmmakers received concrete advice on how to further develop and improve their projects.

At the end of the seminar, the Greenhouse team and mentors gave each of the filmmakers assignments to perform after the seminar. These assignments touch upon research, writing, filming and editing footage and the filmmakers will need to complete them in preparation for the second seminar, due to take place in March 2015.