2014-2015 Program

Second Seminar
4-9 March, Essaouira,

Greenhouse's second seminar dealt with two main aspects of the projects' development: the written proposal and the project's visual materials and trailers, in preparation for the third & final seminar, scheduled for June, 2015.

Over the course of five days the filmmakers worked with their mentors, Bruni BurresJohn Appel and Hans Robert Eisenhauer, on the development of their written proposals, visual materials and trailers. The participants reshaped the projects' synopses, directors' statements, and discussed ways to maximize their trailers.

On the first day of the seminar, the filmmakers watched two feature length documentaries by renowned Georgian filmmaker and actress, Nino Kirtadze. The two films - 'The Pipeline Next Door' and 'Tell My Friends that I'm Dead' - were followed by Kirtadze's master class. In her master class, Kirtadze showed excerpts of her films and shared her experience as a filmmaker, dealing with intimate and sensitive situations, along with her storytelling technics, written proposals and cinematic approach.

Hans Robert Eisenhauer, Greenhouse's Special Expert, gave a lecture on budget and co-productions for documentaries in the international market. Eisenhauer's second lecture dealt with what makes a trailer great. Eisenhauer screened examples of various documentary trailers from around the world.

On the final day of the seminar, the filmmakers presented their projects to the whole group in a pitching simulation. During this session, the filmmakers received feedback from the GH team, mentors and from filmmaker Nino Kirtadze.

At the end of the seminar the filmmakers received individual assignments, which they will have to complete within the next three months, before the final seminar, scheduled for June 2015 in Izmir, Turkey. The filmmakers will now work on their assignments, while receiving constant feedback from their mentors and from the Greenhouse team.