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In the past 9 years, Greenhouse has worked with prominent experts in different fields of the documentary filmmaking. Greenhouse filmmakers receive individual and continuing support from our inspirational and dedicated mentors, leading figures in the documentary film world, as they develop their film ideas. They participate in hands-on seminars including master classes on storytelling, scriptwriting, and pitching to an international market. They enjoy the support of a vibrant and sustainable community of talented filmmakers from the region and world-renowned film professionals.

Amongst the wide variety of lectures and workshops given by different experts, the Greenhouse participants has the opportunity to attend master classes by renowned filmmakers such as  Victor KossakovskiPirjo HonkassaloNicolas PhilibertHubert SauperNino Kirtadze and others who are sharing with the filmmakers their unique filmmaking process, cinematic vision, ideology and strategies, from the birth of an idea to their use of locations, shooting techniques and approach towards characters.


Melanie Margalith was born in 1972 in Munich, Germany. In 1992, after studying Art History at Ludwig Maximiliam Univerität München, she started working as a graphic designer for various TV stations in Germany. At the same time, she also worked as a trainee in a post-production house. In 1998 Melanie participated in the Intense Film Studies workshop in NYU that included screenplay writing, cinematography, sound, lighting, editing and producing. Melanie works as a freelance editor for documentaries and feature films. Among her works, the feature film Willkommen Zuhause which won the Golden Magnolia prize at the 2009 International Shanghai Film Festival. She was also the editor of the TV series Berlin Abschnitt 40 which won the German TV Award for best series 3 years in a row (2003-2005).