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In the past 9 years, Greenhouse has worked with prominent experts in different fields of the documentary filmmaking. Greenhouse filmmakers receive individual and continuing support from our inspirational and dedicated mentors, leading figures in the documentary film world, as they develop their film ideas. They participate in hands-on seminars including master classes on storytelling, scriptwriting, and pitching to an international market. They enjoy the support of a vibrant and sustainable community of talented filmmakers from the region and world-renowned film professionals.

Amongst the wide variety of lectures and workshops given by different experts, the Greenhouse participants has the opportunity to attend master classes by renowned filmmakers such as  Victor KossakovskiPirjo HonkassaloNicolas PhilibertHubert SauperNino Kirtadze and others who are sharing with the filmmakers their unique filmmaking process, cinematic vision, ideology and strategies, from the birth of an idea to their use of locations, shooting techniques and approach towards characters.


Phil has spent the last 20 years building an international reputation as an editor and story consultant, working on projects in places as far afield as Serbia, Holland, France, Korea, and beyond. With a focus on human rights stories, Phil has brought an acute, analytical approach to storytelling using a tool box of exercises and questions that help creators get to the core of their projects. He’s travelled the world as an editor, consultant, and tutor, often giving master classes on pitch pilot trailers, and the relationship between editors and directors. With his partner Annika Gustafson, Phil also runs BedouinViking productions, where he’s been part of developing the Sundance/Stories of Change feature documentary Brown Gold. He’s a firm believer in the future of Virtual Reality in documentary, and is virtually inseparable from his dog, Mingus.