Steven Seidenberg

Special Expert

In his 34 years in documentary television Steven Seidenberg has been a producer, director, head of development & scriptwriter. Steven has wide experience in all documentary genres. As a producer he has worked in history programming (e.g. THE TRIAL OF GEORGE WASHNGTON, HITLER'S DEATH, and NAPOLEON'S OBSESSION), the sciences (e.g. A BRIEF HISTORY OF TIME, with Stephen Hawking, directed by Errol Morris, creative director Steven Spielberg), as well as examinations of ethical and moral issues (e.g. HYPOTHETICALS). Long before the term "reality programming" had even been invented, Steven was quick to realize the potential of the new DVcam technology co-creating the genre-bending 12-part NIGHTS OUT AT THE EMPIRE and the 26-part travel-adventure series, THE $100 TAXI RIDE. In 2003 his focus shifted to Asia. For eight years he worked primarily as a "preditor" (producer-editor) on various productions in Hong Kong, Beijing, Singapore and Seoul where he has made programs on everything from kung fu monks in Berlin to China’s first astronaut to the Forbidden City to Korean pop star Rain. For the past six years he has worked in Beijing as Head of International Production at LIC-BCBC China. Productions there include DEAD MEN TALKING, THE LAST LITTLE TRAIN IN CHINA, and THE BLIND MONKEY. Steven has participated as a tutor and expert in documentary workshops in more than a dozen countries (including the Baltic Forum, the Dragon Forum (Poland), CCDF (Taiwan), Tokyo, BCPF-KCA (South Korea) and, of course, Greenhouse). For the past five years he has been the Head of Studies at Crossing Borders, the joint EDN - Documentary Campus training initiative that brings together filmmakers from Europe and Asia. He worked as scriptwriter for Greenhouse alumni Nima Sarvestani and Maryam Ebrahami on their films I WAS WORTH FIFTY SHEEP and the International Emmy-winning NO BURQAS BEHIND BARS.