John Appel


Internationally acclaimed filmmaker John Appel from VOF Appel & Honigmann, a production company in the Netherlands, has directed and produced more than 40 films over the years. He was also a tutor at the Binger International Documentary Workshops, and has taught Masterclasses at IDFA.

John Appel has worked as a professional cameraman/director since '87. As an independent filmmaker, Appel directed more than 40 documentaries for cinema and television, in addition to working as a cameraman on more than 50 documentaries. Appel studied Gymnasium ß Classical Languages and Literature in the University of Amsterdam Film Academy, and graduated as cameraman and documentary director.

In 2000, he established a production company with filmmaker Heddy Honigmann (VOF Appel & Honigmann). Appel is a Guest lecturer at the Dutch Film and Television Academy (since 2000); he gives lectures and masterclasses all over the world. Since 2008 he works as part time commissioning editor for the Humanist Broadcasting Foundation.

In 1999 he won the IDFA Joris Ivens Award for the film 'Andre Hazes/ She Believes in Me', the most successful documentary film in Dutch cinema released in 50 years. 'The Last Victory' (2003), a film about the famous Palio horse race of Siena, won many international awards and was nominated for Best European Documentary. His personal film 'The Player' (2009) won a.o. the IDFA Award for Best Dutch Documentary; his latest film 'Wrong Time, Wrong Place' (2012), about the tragic events in Norway in 2011, was the opening film of IDFA 2012. His most recent film 'Magic of editing' (2015) is about the artistic and ethical dilemmas in the editing room of documentaries.