Nino Kirtadze


Nino Kirtadze is a Georgian filmmaker and actress based lately in France. Academy-award-winning director Nino Kirtadze is internationally renowned for her sensitive and compassionate approach to difficult issues and her intense visual sense. Her powerful feature-length documentaries deal with controversial subjects, always placing the accent on the human drama underlying her stories and creating deep insightful human portraits. Her camera turns the natural into the supernatural and back again, blending together the personal and the universal without black and white romanticism.

Nino Kirtadze's films have won international acclaim and numerous prestigious awards at festivals worldwide, including World Cinema Best Director Prize at Sundance for her 'Durakovo-village of fools' (2008). This mind provoking and emotionally gripping film depicts the gathering of Russian Nationalists in a remote estate under the leadership of a charismatic and tough leader that tries to manipulate not only his somewhat naïve followers, but top politicians as well. In 2005 she won the European Film Academy Best documentary Prize for 'Pipeline next door' (which will be screened in the seninar). In other films she offers a glimpse on odd mourning habits in a Georgian village ('Tell My Friend that I'm Dead' – which will also be screened in the seminar) , a thorough portrait of the ex-Georgian President Edourd Chevardnadze ('The Three Lives of Edourd Chevardnadze') and a poetic elegy for Chechnia ('Chechnian Lullaby') based on her experience during the troubles of the 1990s in the Caucasus, when she worked as a war correspondent, covering the war in Chechnya and other armed conflicts in the region.