Petra Lataster-Czisch


Petra Lataster-Czisch is a filmmaker, writer and teacher. Petra grew up in East Germany. She studied script writing and film sciences. In 1981 she moved to the Netherlands. Together with her partner, Peter Lataster, she is directing documentaries, shorts and dance films since 1989. Many of their works have been awarded, nationally and internationally.

Petra is a regular guest lecturer at the Dutch Television and Film Academy. She gives lectures and master classes all over the world and coaches many young Dutch and international filmmakers. In 2012 the Latasters were filmmakers in focus at the Dutch Institute for Sound and Vision. A dvd box with their collected work was released. In 2016 Petra led the IDFA documentary workshop, together with filmmaker Catherine van Campen.

In a period of more than 25 years Petra Lataster-Czisch has made 20 films.
In 1994 Petra won the award Best Dutch Feature Documentary at the National Film Festival for her first feature “Tales of a River”, a film about residents of her home town Dessau. Many of Petra’s films premiered at IDFA. “If We Knew” (2007) was selected for the Joris Ivens Competition and later won many international awards, among others the Grand Prix at the EIDF, South Korea. “Not Without You” (2010) won the award Best Dutch Feature Documentary at the National Film Festival in 2011. “Awake in a Bad Dream” (2013), a film about women diagnosed with breast cancer, was awarded Best Dutch Documentary at IDFA of 2013. Petra and Peter’s latest documentary “Miss Kiet’s Children”, about a school class for migrant and refugee children, was selected for the Feature Length Competition of IDFA 2016 and received awards nationally and internationally. It was one the most successful arthouse film in the Netherlands that year with more than 65000 visitors.