Two Greenhouse Films at IDFA 2014!

Those Who Said No & In the Dark

Two Greenhouse Films at IDFA 2014! 

'Those Who Said No' and 'In the Dark' have been selected for IDFA 2014, which will take place November 19-30.

'Those Who Said No' by Nima Sarvestani from Iran is a story about the search for justice and closure after what is known as “The Bloody Decade” in Iran.

The film examines the fallout of a fatwah issued by Ayatollah Khomeini in 1988, which ordered the execution of all political prisoners. The perpetrators of the massacre have never been prosecuted.

The film was co-produced by SVT and ZDF and commissioned by DR2.

The film will participate in the Feature-Length competition at IDFA.

'In the Dark' by Goran Stankovic from Serbia is centered around a father and son in a traditional mining family as Davor, the son, refuses to follow the family tradition and tries to find a way to leave his job and hometown. The film draws inspiration from Emir Kusturica’sUnderground” (1995), and its use of the underground as allegory for the state of life in the Balkans. 'In the Dark' takes that metaphor and juxtaposes it with the reality of life above ground in order to examine how Serbia appears today.

The film was supported by the IDFA Bertha Fund.

The film will participate in the Panorama Section at IDFA.

Nima Sarvestani and Goran Stankovic participated in the Greenhouse 2010 Program on the Theme of Racism and Human Rights, supported by the EU in the framework of Media International.