The Changing Map of Lebanon at the 2016 Sundance Film Festival

The Greenhouse project participated in the Documentary Fellows Program at the Sundance Film Festival

Filmmakers George Tarabay & Elias Khalil from Lebanon participated in the Documentary Fellows Program, at the 2016 Sundance Film Festival!

Following the Development Grant George Tarabay & Elias Khalil received from the  Sundance Documentary Program for their project 'The Changing Map of Lebanon', the filmmakers participated in the Documentary Fellows Program, in the framework of the 2016 Sundance Film Festival

The filmmakers participated in Sundance Industry Meetings and one-on-one sessions with a range of international commissioning editors and film fund representatives. They also had a half day discussion on their rough-cut with prominent editor Jean Tsien, Sundance Film Fund Director Rahdi Taylor, Greenhouse Partner & Senior Consultant at the Sundance Documentary Film Program Bruni Burres, and Greenhouse Director Sigal Yehuda.

At the  2013 Greenhouse Pitching forum George & Elias were selected for the Jacob Burns Film Center's Artist in Residence Program. They spent a month in NY editing their film, aided by NYC-based experts, including renowned film director Jonathan Demme.

In addition, they recently received a Production Grant from Screen Institute Beirut. 

Two bakers work in the same bakery in Beirut - one is Lebanese and the other is a newly arrived Syrian refugee.

This film provides a fresh look at the current situation in Lebanon during the Syrian civil war, a time in which Syrian refugees constitute of 30% of the total Lebanese population. This documentary focuses on the day-to-day survival and the clash of cultures through the lives of the three protagonists and their families.