'Mr. Gay Syria' received a Production Grant from NRW Film Fund, Germany

The work in progress from the current 2015-2016 Greenhouse Program by Ayse Toprak and Ekin Çalışır

A Greenhouse project receives a Production Grant!

Greenhouse is pleased to announce that the work in progress 'Mr. Gay Syria', by Ayse Toprak and Ekin Çalışır from Turkey, who is participating in the current 2015-2016 Greenhouse program, received a Production Grant in the amount of 80,000 EUR from the NRW Film Fund (Film- und Medienstiftung NRW)!

Set in Istanbul and Berlin, Mr. Gay Syria follows two Syrian gay refugees who are trying to rebuild their lives after having been forced to leave their country. Husein is a 24-year-old barber in Istanbul. He is married with a kid and lives a double life - one as a father in the outskirts of Istanbul, the other as a gay man in the city center. Mahmoud is the founder of Syria’s LGBTI movement. He lives in Berlin as a refugee and works part time at an NGO, helping recent arrivals with their paperwork. What brings them together is a crazy dream: To join the international beauty contest, Mr. Gay World. For Husein, this is a way to first come to terms with his identity, then make his family understand. For Mahmoud, this is THE place to launch a campaign for visibility for Syrian gay refugees.