10949 Women was theatrically released in France

The film by the Greenhouse graduate Nassima Guessoum from Algeria was theatrically released

'10949 Women' by Nassima Guessoum from Algeria was theatrically released in France 

After the film won the Jury Prize in December 2015 at at the European First Documentary Competition at Aux écrans du reel Festival, and after the film won the Grand Documentary Prize at Algiers Film Festival, 2014, '10,949 Women' opened in cinemas all over France, starting April 13th, 2016.


Algerian women remember their youth when they joined the rebels during the Algerian war.

In Algeria I meet Nassima Hablal, a forgotten heroine of the Revolution. Hablal was the secretary of the political head of the FLN, National Front of Liberation. Like a grandmother with her granddaughter, the old charming lady, tells me her story of a woman in the war and her fight for an independent Algeria. Every year I come back to visit her.