​Rough-cut screenings of Greenhouse graduates

'The Changing Map of Lebanon' & 'Brothers of Silence'

Rough-cut screenings of Greenhouse graduates at the 2015-2016 Final Seminar & Pitching Forum!

For the first time, at the 2015-2016 final seminar & pitching forum, we hosted two rough-cut screenings from Greenhouse graduates, 'The Changing Map of Lebanon' by George Tarabay & Elias Khalil from Lebanon who participated in the 2013 program and 'Brothers of Silence' by Taylan Mintaş, Sedat Yıldız & Erol Mintaş from Turkey, who participated in the 2014-2015 Program

The screenings and feedback sessions with Greenhouse mentors and experts were robust, creative and extremely constructive. Each filmmaker departed the final seminar with a clear understanding of the next steps in the editing room for completing their films.