THROUGH THE BARRICADES on Sheffield Doc/Fest pitching forum

The 2015-16 project Through the Barricades by Esther Hertog & Paul King from Israel was pitched at the EBU Pitch (European Broadcasting Union) at Sheffield Doc/Fest!


Margje de Koning, EO/IkonDocs Commissioning Editor for Documentaries, introduced the project to the commissioning editors at the pitch, and the filmmakers pitched their film and trailer.


Earlier this year, Margje de Koning commissioned 'Through the Barricades'. The Greenhouse filmmakers met de Koning in Greenhouse's 2015-16 Final Seminar and Pitching Forum, where their projects were presented for the first time. The filmmakers had further opportunities to discuss their projects with de Koning during the one-on-one meetings that followed the pitching forum. 


Moments before the pitch - the directors Esther Hertog & Paul King, along with their producer from Doxy films Harmen Jalvingh